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KWVH didn't miss a beat during Covid

One of the key reasons for launching Wimberley Valley Radio in the first place was to be a source of information to the community through emergencies, weather-related disruptions, and societal changes. Covid certainly qualified.

In the Spring of 2020, General Manager and Board President Mike Cruisham had begun a search for his replacement. He had given 4 years of his life to KWVH, and he wanted to retire from it sometime during that calendar year. Then the US was hit with the pandemic and all of the associated disruptions caused by it. KWVH is powered by two studios, the Fishbowl which faces Old Kyle Road, and the Creekside studios, which include the offices, production studio, and a secondary recording studio. Show hosts, guests, and local musicians had to continue to produce content, despite the close quarters of the studios, and the unexpected nature of the pandemic.

"Crush-Daddy" joins the Empowered Community this Friday, May 5th from 7-8 AM to discuss how he worked with the many volunteers, show hosts, Board members, underwriters, and donors to continue to deliver critical community programming and information in a seamless manner during this difficult time.

Listen in each Friday morning from 7-9 AM to the Empowered Community with Dee Rambeau and Johnny Mac, as they explore topics of preparation, sustainability, and resilience. KWVH can be heard at 94.3 FM in the area, as well as streaming live (and archived) on You can also tune in via your Apple or Android apps. Search in your application menu for KWVH.


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