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Independent feature film coming the area!

Join us on The Empowered Community to meet Actor and Director Carlos Leos to discuss his upcoming movie project in the Hill Country. Carlos will join us in the 8-9 AM hour for a rollicking discussion of art, music, film, Texas, and getting along in our crazy world.

Carlos Leos is a musician, a novelist, an actor, and a director. He was once managed by blues legend Buddy Miles and played alongside him on stage. With such a varied and successful career in art and content creation, we will speak to him about his many interests and his reasons for choosing the Texas Hill Country for his upcoming Western-with-a-twist "Call me Marshal." The publicity for the film, which Leos is the Executive Producer of, says; "They Call Me Marshal," is the transformation of a young man into a vigilante force of justice, as he and his friend unveil the hidden truth and battles against overwhelming odds to bring redemption to the lawless land of the Old West."

The film will be shot in locations throughout the area beginning August 8 until they finish local shooting towards the end of the month, starring Leos and Texas actress Vhelma Richardson.

What, might you ask, does this have to do with the Empowered Community? One of the unique characteristics of Wimberley and the surrounding area is the creative energy that flows into and from it. It is the lifeblood. It sustains us through the heat and the drought and the floods and the freezes. And it draws others to it for those reasons. We'll find out why in the case of Carlos Leos and his production team.

As always, tune in to The Empowered Community from 7-9 am CT on or 97.3 FM. You can listen after the show is over for a couple of weeks in The Archive.


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