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Bringing the Juice to Empowered Community!

This Friday, June 9th, The Empowered Community will bring in expertise from two different perspectives. In hour one, 7-8 AM we will be joined by David Schumacher. David is the Director of Sales for FullRiver Battery, manufacturer of the highest quality batteries available on the market. Every Fullriver battery series is designed to be charged and recharged hundreds of times. With the sealed, maintenance-free aspect of all our AGM and GEL batteries, you can simply “Set it” and Forget it”. Batteries for your golf cart, 4-wheeler, boats, emergency power generation, and camping. David is also an outdoorsman and preparation advocate.

How many of us have a need for high quality rechargeable batteries in our quest to be more prepared and sustainable in times of societal disruption? David will help us better understand how to be better equipped.

In hour two from 8-9 AM, Wimberley local, husband, father, and accomplished author Peter Rosch will enter the Empowered Community. Peter is also host of the "What we Know, What we don't Know" show on Friday afternoons at 1 pm on KWVH radio and podcasts everywhere.

Dee, John Mac, and Peter will discuss just what exactly is contained in their home stashes. They'll also discuss how Peter is raising his young son to be more equipped to deal with what lies ahead.

Peter's art and novels can be found at

The Empowered Community is on every Friday morning from 7-9 AM. You can tune in live via 94.3 FM or stream the show and find the archived show later at


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