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How do you find purpose?

This week, July 21, on the Empowered Community, we speak with Bill Small. Bill is a local musician, writer, podcast host, and coach. Bill helps empower people in their lives by "helping them get out their own way." (His words).

What do all of these things have in common? Finding purpose and developing our own passions in our lives. As a lifelong creative, Bill found that he could pass on some of the lessons he'd learned in trying to navigate the challenges of building a business as a creative while keeping the fire alive.

On the Empowered Community show, airing each Friday from 7-9 AM on KWVH 94.3 and streaming on, we discuss developing resilience and sustainability through better preparation. No one knows what life will throw at them. But we do know that if we are better aware and prepared for life's bumps and disruptions, that we will certainly fare better.

A worthwhile departure from our usual reviews of bug out bags and discussions of food and water security. This week we take a cerebral and perhaps even spiritual approach to resilience. Join us for an engaging discussion.

For more information about our guest, local Wimberley artist Bill Small, check out his website here.


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