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Are you Covered?

The Empowered Community focuses on preparation, resilience, and sustainability. Wimberley knows first-hand the cost of weather-related disasters to our community and its residents. Once something happens, it's too late to wish you had prepared properly.

Insurance is a necessary piece of this preparation in today's World. There are many misconceptions and a lot of misinformation out there about what is covered and what is not. What type of insurance do you need to protect your family and your property? What about your life? What happens if you become disabled and can't provide an income to pay your family's obligations?

On Friday, June 30th, these questions and more will be addressed and answered by our resident expert and friend Byron Eckols. Byron is the Broker representing Wimberley for the State Farm Mutual Insurance Company. He has been helping residents and businesses for over 15 years. Byron is also a KWVH Board Member. He and his wife Isaac are the proud parents of two sons in the Wimberley ISD, and they are active supporters of charitable and community organizations throughout the Wimberley valley.

Join us each Friday from 7-9 AM for The Empowered Community on KWVH FM 94.3. Streaming and archived shows are available anytime at


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