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Is Ace your Place?

Let’s find out, as local Ace Hardware owner Christy Degenhart joins the Empowered Community this Friday April 14th from 7:30-9:00 AM.

We will discuss supply chain challenges, product ordering, Wimberley’s buying behaviors, and more. Ace is the Place for all of your preparation and resilience needs. As we discuss every week on The Emmpowered Community, we all need to be prepared for societal disruptions of any kind. Weather related issues have presented the most recent challenges in our community. Do you have the supplies you need in advance, so that you don’t have to do last-minute panic buying when the inventories are limited?

Christy will help us discuss what we need to stock in advance, based on past events in our community.

Join us on the Empowered Community, part of the Wimberley Wake Up Club. Fridays at 7-9 AM on KWVH 94.3 FM, and streaming on and on our Apple and Android apps.

Join us this week for our Spring Fling Pledge Drive! We run our community station based on your generosity. Please give at


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