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The Empowered Community Launches

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

New Program "The Empowered Community" with hosts Dee Rambeau and John McGimsey, now on Friday mornings from 7-9 AM as part of the Wake-Up Club.

Our show is about building resiliency in our homes, families, neighborhoods, and communities by helping empower us to be better prepared for societal disruptions. The World is complicated and ever-changing. Especially in recent years with drought, flood, the pandemic, fires, freezes, supply chain disruptions, inflationary prices, and cultural changes. It is more vital than ever for us to be able to take care of ourselves in times of uncertainty.

We will discuss topics and have expert guests that can discuss emergency preparedness, energy security, water security, food security, physical safety, trusted networks, navigation, communications, pets, kids, transportation; and anything else related to helping you build and maintain a physical, emotional, and spiritual readiness for all that comes.

Show #1 aired on February 3 with guests Ken Strange, Director of Wimberley EMS, and Tim Timphor, veteran and member of the Wimberley Rangers. We discussed "go bags" and being prepared for any type of emergency or societal disruptions. We also discussed the value of KWVH 94.3 as an emergency information resource to the community.

Show #2 aired on February 10 with KWVH Founder and Board Member Emeritus Susan Raybuck. We discussed her initial motives for founding the radio station as a resource for the community during emergencies and the difficulties of going through the process of getting licensed with the FCC back in 2013-2016.

Show #3 will air on February 17th with guest Jed Regante, owner and proprietor of Hill Country Rainwater. We will discuss water security in this region, which is fraught with long periods of historic drought.

Tune in from 7-9 AM each Friday on KWVH 94.3 FM, and streaming on and also available via the Apple and Android apps.


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