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Be Prepared Wimberley!

The Empowered Community is back on Friday March 24 with two fantastic guests talking about better preparation for your family in cases of emergency. Rodger Parker and Tim Tempfer will join us in the 7-8 o’clock hour. Both these veterans and active members of the Wimberley community have so much knowledge and wisdom to share. They are founders of Wimberley CERT (now Hays County CERT) which stands for Community Emergency Response Team. They are both founders of Wimberley Rangers. Both groups serve as service-oriented back ups to first responders. We will talk at length about “Go-Kits” that your family needs, talk about the Emergency Preparedness Fair this coming Saturday at the VFW rodeo fairgrounds from 10-2. Don’t miss this informational show, brought to you Hill Country Rainwater and KWVH 94.3 Wimberley Valley Radio

Fridays at 7 am with Dee Rambeau and John McGimsey. Streaming and archive available at or on the Apple or Android apps.


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