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Pups Empowering People!

Friday May 26th, on The Empowered Community, we host the power couple Todd and Becky Kier, owners of Freedom Canines International. These two founded FCI in 2016 right here in Wimberley, with a simple mission: to raise and train life-saving assistance dogs and then pair them with forever partners in Texas that can benefit from their special skills. Many of us in the Wimberley community are familiar with the organization, but maybe not all the details. We will dig into the back story of how they met in dog-assistance land, and how they decided to form FCI.

One of the key benefits to the Wimberley community is that FCI works with Wimberley ISD high school students, utilizing puppies to engage students in hands-on learning as part of their agricultural curriculum.

Debuting for the first time this Friday is The Empowered Community's new co-host Christy Degenhart. Christy and her husband Tad own Ace Hardware stores in Wimberley and Canyon Lake. She has been a guest on the program in past weeks and has decided to join Johnny Mac and Dee Rambeau as an additional host, bringing an insider eye to empowering citizens to be better prepared for societal disruptions and build resilient and sustainable lifestyles.

Please join us every Friday morning from 7-9 AM on KWVH 94.3 FM, and streaming on


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