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Old McDonald had a farm...eieio!

This week on The Empowered Community we continue our March focus on food security and sustainability. Our guest will be Kathleen Mooney, owner of EIEIO Farms in Wimberley. She's a farmer, a gardener, an entrepreneur, a YouTube host, and a passionate supporter of the Wimberley community in so many ways. She's also interesting and very funny. We can't wait to have her on the show again. Find them at

In so many ways, Kathleen represents a lot of us. She had a little acreage and a desire to be self-sufficient. What started out as a garden turned into a farm. What began as a way to be resilient turned into a business. What began as simple passion and curiosity created an expert. And now she'll share that expertise with us! Tune in Friday morning March 17th from 7-9 AM on KWVH 94.3 FM, or for streaming and archive listening at a later date.

What do you know about that you can share with your neighbors and better inform them and prepare them for societal disruptions?


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