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MOJO Monday

Updated: 6 days ago

Join Mark Lombardi as he keeps blues and roots music alive in the Hill Country...He will entertain you with stories and histories of the songs or backgrounds of the musical artists in an informative and soulful two hour format.

Mojo Monday...Monday night at 8pm CDT.

Show Times: Monday 8P-10P

Show #232 airs on 11/27/23

Listen 24/7 for one week on archives on!


Going Up To The Country- Omar and the Howlers

Ron's Jam- Michael Harrison

The Mess- Jeff Plankenhorn

Time To Move- Monster Mike Welch

Honey Ain't So Sweet- D.K. Harrell

I'm Into Something- Frenchie Moe

It Hurts To Love Someone- Yates McKendree

Won't You Let Me Go- Blackburn Brothers

Talk To Me- EG Kight

When Is This Rain Gonna End- Shaun Murphy

Ain't No Sunshine- Jon Geiger


12 Bar Blues Again- Jhett Black

Enough- Andre Bisson

Give Me One Reason- Junior Wells with Sonny Landreth

Fool Never Learns- Mike Zito and Albert Castiglia

She's Holdin' You Back- Ghalia Volt

Me and My Chauffer Blues- Sue Foley

Hip Hug-Her- Jason Ricci and the Bad Kind

Red-Tailed Hawks- The Dig 3

She's Got a Lotta...Soul!- Brian Setzer

Sconnie Girl- Joyann Parker

What's Wrong With Me- Bees Deluxe

Shake Your Tailfeather- Ray Charles


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