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Dr. Garrett Sansom on The Empowered Community

This week, April 7th, The Empowered Community will have a wide-ranging discussion with Dr. Garrett Sansom. Born and raised in Wimberley, Dr. Sansom is a faculty member at Texas A&M University, a fellow for the Hazard Reduction and Recovery Center, as well as a PI at the TAMU Superfund Research Center.

He has published research papers on the following topics:

  • Health and sustainability

  • Community health assessment

  • Environmental justice

  • Urban planning

  • Environmental contaminants

  • Community resilience

Dr. Sansom also has a BA in Philosophy from St. Edwards, so our conversation should be compelling and thought-provoking. Garrett will join us in the 8-9 o'clock hour.

Additionally, KWVH General Manager Tim Kiesling will join us from 7:30-8:00 to discuss the major station improvements in the planning and execution phase. These upgrades will vastly improve our station's ability to serve the Wimberley community and surrounding area.

As always you can tune in live at 94.3 FM, or stream us at We also have an Apple and an Android app.


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