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KWVH Newsletter: New Road Work and a Film Fest

Orange Cone Alert:

More Road Construction Starts Today!

A couple of new road construction projects are taking place along FM 3237, beginning today. Crews will widen the highway at Flite Acres Road and Rogers Road to add shoulders to accommodate new turn lanes and widen the existing lanes.


At construction start, the westbound (northern) travel lanes of RM 3237 at Rogers Road and at Flite Acres Road within construction limits will be closed to accommodate construction and traffic will be shifted to the eastbound (southern) lane which will operate as a two-way road with one-lane in each direction. It's expected to be a six-month project.


Plan accordingly, everybody! Sure, it's a hassle, but you can't deny the recently RR12/FM3237 intersection improvements have definitely eased some of our congestion.

First-Annual Film Fest Shines at the Blue Hole

What a cool (albeit a tad warm) evening at the Blue Hole last night! The picturesque oasis did double-duty as a fun location for a mini-concert, brief lecture, and viewing of six documentary and experimental short films.


Song-slingin' Jonny Capri kicked off the night, followed by local teen rockers Soma Jerome. As the sun began its descent, David Baker from the Watershed Association made a few remarks about how water is critical to the Wimberley Valley for both our livelihoods and recreation. Proceeds from the evening benefitted the Watershed Association' work to preserve our water and a healthy ecosystem.


The brief lecture was followed by five short films, including Butch & Mandalin: The Search for the Golden Morral, Grown Without Water, Exit 238, and Swan Song by the Skunk Ape.


The evening wrapped up with a ten-year anniversary screening of Yakona, a title that means “water rising” in the language of the indigenous people of the San Marcos River Basin. It's a beautifully immersive documentary about the natural wonder of our Hill Country river system and changes and challenges brought by development.

Summer Water Conservation Tips

Even though it's been a comparatively wet spring and early summer, history reminds us that Mother Nature is probably going to turn the spigot off during these next couple of months.


Are you doing everything you can to conserve our precious resource? Check out these great tips from Wimberley Water Supply to reduce your water use (and waste).

Texan Softball Team Gets All-District Honors.

Let's hear it for the Wimberley Texan softball team! Ten young ladies picked up 27-4A All-District Honors for their exceptional play. And get this -- the entire varsity team of 13 girls -- earned Academic All-District Honors. Exceptional work -- GO TEXANS!



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