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05-27-2024 Newsletter

Happy Memorial Day from Wimberley Valley Radio!

Welcome to summer, folks! It's been a hopping weekend in the Wimberley Valley, with rodeo, live music, backyard cookouts, and end-of-the-school-year celebrations (at least for the kiddos). The pic above was taken by the Thursday Wake-Up Crew, on the last day of school for WISD.


Beyond the fun, let's all take a moment or two to remember the soldiers and sailors who paid the ultimate price so that we could live in this place called America. We are truly blessed.

It's Summer... Now What??

Many of us are hopefully looking forward to a family getaway sometime this summer. But what else is going on in the Valley that offer activities for kids (and relief for moms and dads)? Here are a few ideas...


Our very own Wimberley Parks and Recreation has a whole slew of special events, programs, and activities planned this summer for families, kids, and kids-at-heart. From a one-hour tie dying class to five day nature camps, there's something for everyone.


Did you know there are a handful of worthwhile Hays County Parks -- besides Jacob's Well -- within easy driving distance of Wimberley? Gay Ruby Dahlstrom Nature Preserve is a short drive to Buda, and Five Mile Dam Park is between Wimberley and San Marcos.


The entire mission of Camp Community is to give kids a chance to learn and grow during the summer in a fun and safe environment. This incredible Wimberley-born nonprofit is hosting four separate camps in June and July that are big on fun, while also developing academics and social skills (just don't tell your kids).


Don't forget the new Wimberley Village Library, which has tons of programming -- year 'round -- for youth, teens and adults.


Slime Bridge is more than a cool local landmark. It borders John Knox Ranch, home to a plethora of summer camps and events on its 300 acres with Blanco River access.


Finally, just use the Google to get a rundown of all the church-sponsored Vacation Bible Camps in the Wimberley area. Pro tip: our local churches usually coordinate so the camps run during different weeks of the summer.


Happy summer, folks!

Wimberley Trails Are Getting an Upgrade.

If you're a fan of Wimberley's four-mile trail network, listen up. (And if you're not, you should be -- it's yet another treasure of our town!)


Until Labor Day, the Hike and Bike Trails will be undergoing significant renovations and resurfacing. It's part of a $273,000 grant from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Be patient, and know that the work will be worth it.

KWVH Spotlight: General Manager Tim Kiesling

So what exactly does the general manager of a community radio station do? More correctly, what DOESN'T the GM do?


Almost any day of the week, our Tim Kiesling has his fingers on KWVH and the Wimberley community -- whether it's twisting dials, shaking hands, or spreading the word about the value and importance of homegrown radio.


Tim chatted with Salwa Khan during a free moment.



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