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kwvh 94.3 studio wimberley texas radio station

KWVH evolved from an idea in the mind of Susan Raybuck, Founder and Board Member Emeritus, in 2011. With grit, determination, duct tape, and bailing wire, the dream of creating a community radio station in Wimberley evolved. Wimberley's heartbreaking flood disaster on Memorial Day weekend provided the spark, prompting the FCC to grant KWVH an emergency broadcast license. 


The work of dozens of volunteers, financial donors, and thousands of hours of planning culminated in the first on-air FM broadcast day on August 22, 2016. Susan Raybuck, Mike Crusham, and John Brown built a programming lineup of volunteer show hosts covering a variety of music and talk formats to provide a 24-hour schedule of news, information, and entertainment to the Wimberley Valley and beyond. 

Today there are untold listeners across the nation and World; representing residents and visitors, business owners, students and graduates who love Wimberley.


NOV 2023

Mojo Monday:

Meet KWVH's Blues Aficionado Mark Lombardi

SEPT 2023

Boots and Flip Flops:

Dori Bradford's Radio Odyssey on KWVH

OCT 2023

Jazz Connection:

From FM Dreams to Wimberley's Jazz Virtuoso - A Journey in Sound with Bruce Cloud

SEPT 2023

Rural Genius:

Exploring Genius in the Heart of Texas with Dixie Newnam and Hilda Carpenter

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